Alex Berrios Announces his Candidacy To Pilot Sinking Florida Democratic Party Ship

Political consultant and Hispanic advocate Alex Berrios announced his candidacy to lead the Florida Democratic Party.

Berrios announced his run on Tuesday via his Twitter Account, saying that “Florida needs bold leadership with experience, vision, and a plan to win.”

Berrios continued to make a case for himself, arguing that his extensive experience as a Democrat volunteer would translate to being chair and that, unlike former chairs, he’d be able to “hit the ground running.”

Berrios founded Mi Vecino, a voter registration organization explicitly focused on Hispanics. He suggested his on-the-ground experience would deliver necessary change to the state political party.

The announcement comes a day after Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz retired following a disastrous Midterm Season for Florida Democrats. November 2022 saw Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis win re-election by over 19 percentage points, Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio did the same by a commanding 17 points, and the GOP picked up four U.S. House seats. DeSantis endorsed school board candidates also found success, and Republicans secured a supermajority in the state House and Senate. Moreover, Republicans held a dominant 9 to 1 lead over Florida democrats in newly registered voters.

Berrios, however, denied the red wave, saying DeSantis only did a little better than in 2018. In the same November tweet, Berrios claimed that Diaz should not resign.

Now, Berrios is running on fixing the party and is eager to fill the vacuum Diaz left behind, sparking mixed reactions.

Some observers on Twitter voiced their support for his candidacy.


Others, however, replied with opposition and skepticism, with some partially blaming Berrios for the Florida Democratic Party’s failures.

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