Alabama Woman Murdered-Went to Make a Facebook Marketplace Purchase

Alabama woman Jermiera Ivory Fowler, 31, vanished while making a Facebook Marketplace purchase. The next day, her body was found burning at the end of a wooded, dead-end road, according to the Birmingham Police Department.

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Birmingham Police were called to Sellers Road around 9 p.m. Thursday to a report of a burning body. After Fire Rescue personnel put out the flames, officers noticed “visible signs of trauma” on the victim.

Jermiera Fowler / Facebook

After she was pronounced dead, officials discovered she had been shot before being set on fire.

Herbert Brown, who lives on Tucker Avenue — the street directly behind Sellers Road —told WVTM he woke up Thursday night to flames behind his backyard fence.

“When I looked out my bedroom window, I seen a big flame,” Brown told the outlet. “I mean a big flame.” “So I was curious, like is somebody burning trash, so I go out there with a big flashlight, and I look over the fence, and there was this body on fire. The firefighters came, they put the fire out, and the police stayed out there until 2 or 3 in the morning just scanning the place,” he said.

“I seen this picture, and it went through my mind, that’s that lady out here that’s burning,” Brown said. “This shouldn’t have happened to her like that.”

Brown, who has lived on Tucker Avenue for 15 years, said he believes whoever did this knew what they were doing.

“That’s a dead end, and you’d have to know this area to want to cut off onto that street and go down through there because it’s a church down that dead end, no traffic be down there,” Brown said.

Ms. Fowler’s vehicle was found in a different location.

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It’s unclear whether she had made the Facebook Marketplace purchase before her death, and police could not say whether her death stemmed from the online purchase meet-up.

Birmingham Police said a homicide investigation is underway, and no arrests have been made regarding Fowler’s death.

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