Al Sharpton’s Half-Brother and Alabama Pastor Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion in Federal Court.

On Friday, Alabama Pastor and half-brother to the Reverend Al Sharpton, Kenneth Glasgow, 56, plead guilty to tax evasion, mail fraud, and drug conspiracy charges in Montgomery, Alabama Federal Court.

The plea deal enables pastor Glasgow to avoid a March trial and be sentenced later.

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In addition to his Alabama ministry, Glasgow founded “The Ordinary People Society.” The nonprofit’s website describes it as a “faith-based organization that offers hope, regardless of race, sex, creed, color, or social status, to individuals and their families who suffer the effects of drug addiction, incarceration, homelessness, unemployment, hunger, and illness.”

He also founded the “Prodigal Child Project,” another nonprofit that says “organizes pastors in the southern U.S. in support of prisoners, former prisoners, their families, and communities.”

The 56-year-old pastor has spent his career as an Alabama activist with the mission of restoring voting rights to former prisoners and prison reform.

Kenneth Glasgow


Federal prosecutors claim that Glasgow admitted he has failed to pay income taxes on thousands of dollars he withdrew from his two charities.

Glasgow admitted in his plea agreement that during the 2018 calendar year alone, he withdrew $407,450.00 in cash from the bank accounts of one of his nonprofit organizations and used the money for his benefit. Because he used the money for personal expenses, he was legally required to report the funds as income on his tax return.

However, Glasgow failed even to file a return for that year. Glasgow also attempted to conceal this activity by causing his tax preparer to complete inaccurate IRS 990 forms for Glasgow’s nonprofit organizations that vastly understated the income of the organizations and omitted the financial benefits Glasgow received from them.

In his plea agreement, Glasgow specifically acknowledged committing this fraud during the 2018 tax year. He also agreed to pay the IRS $376,720.00 in restitution for tax years 2016 through 2019.

The Associated Press stated that Glasgow accepted “Social Security disability benefits by falsely claiming on mailed forms that he had trouble driving.” However, prosecutors noted that the minister received several traffic citations between 2015 and 2020, relating to approximately 27 different traffic stops, all of which indicated that Glasgow was the driver

In addition to fraud, Sharpton’s half-brother pleaded guilty to a drug conspiracy charge. He was recently found in possession of cocaine he was intent on distributing. Glasgow and an accomplice were also charged with a drug conspiracy charge in 2021.

In 2018, Glasgow was arrested on capital murder charges for the death of 23-year-old Breunia Jennings, whom prosecutors claimed was shot in the head by someone inside Glasgow’s car.

However, a federal grand jury deemed the state had insufficient evidence to proceed with the case against Glasgow, and the charge was dropped.

On Friday, the U.S. attorney’s office claimed that the charges Glasgow pleaded guilty to could land him in prison for up to 20 years. In addition, he faces significant fines and restitution payments for his crimes.

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In a statement, FBI agent Paul Brown said, “Kenneth Glasgow’s actions not only endangered the community but defrauded the American taxpayers. His guilty plea should help to dissuade others from following this same path.”

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