After 4 Month Investigation, Arrest Finally Made for Deadly Crash

After a 4 month investigation, Gary Grieser, 28, was formally charged and finally went to jail in Palm Beach County, thanks to a tenacious traffic homicide investigator. The deadly crash resulted in the death of Grieser’s girlfriend Jennifer Fortin, 29. Grieser and his girlfriend left a restaurant on Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach and a few minutes later, Fortin was dead.

The pair were seen on surveillance cameras leaving the restaurant back in May. The couple got into Greiner’s Audi A4 and traveled westbound on Woolbright Road, which is a 4 lane divided highway with a 45 mph speed limit. At 10:13 p.m. Palm Beach County received the first call about a traffic crash on Woolbright just west of Lawrence Road.

The traffic homicide investigators description shows the crash was quite violent:

“As the car traveled westbound, it departed the roadway to the right (north), failing to negotiate the left curve,” the arrest report said. “The car traveled for approximately 272 feet uncontrolled on the pavement before entering the grass shoulder, and began to rotate counterclockwise, which caused it to slide sideways over the grass. Once in the shoulder, the car continued for approximately 270 feet before impact with the shrub line and concrete pole. After colliding with the pole, the car continued for another approximately 37 feet before coming to rest.”

The first deputy arrived nine minutes later and Grieser asked him about Fortin’s condition. A second deputy started closing the road and saw Palm Beach County Fire Rescue trying to remove Fortin, who was still in her seatbelt.

According to the sheriff’s report, the deputy saw Grieser emerge from the bushes northeast of the crash scene. Grieser spoke to Boynton Beach Fire Rescue paramedics wanting to know how Fortin was doing. Grieser appeared to be very distraught and anxious according to the deputy.

A second traffic homicide investigator showed up at the scene and an unidentified male approached him stating he was the father of Grieser Jr. Grieser Sr. stated his son called him, told him that he was involved in a crash, and said his sons. had been driving. The investigator went to the hospital and attempted to speak to Junior, but he was uncooperative giving only his name and telephone number.

The investigator got search warrants for Grieser’s DNA and compared it to what was found in the driver’s side of the car. In September, the forensics showed it matched Grieser’s DNA. Further investigation showed “a minimum pre-collision speed loss of 62 mph and the catastrophic damages to the car were consistent with a pole impact of at least 40 mph. Statements from witnesses helped make sense of what happened after the car finally stopped.

One witness observed a vehicle in the hedges and when he exited his vehicle, he encountered a white male approximately 30 years old standing over a female screaming. The female passenger was still seated in the seat, and the seat was detached from its location with the female still in her seatbelt.

Another witness saw the collision scene, and while rendering aid, he saw a white male in his 20s searching through the driver’s side of the car looking for his cell phone.

A third witness stated a male knocked on his car window and told him he’d been in an accident and needed to call his dad. The witness allowed Grieser to use his phone and overheard Grieser tell his father that he had been in a car accident and that his girlfriend had been driving. In the end, the lies and obfuscation were for naught. The DNA put him behind the wheel.

In the traffic homicide investigators final report, he stated:

The investigator had determined he, “Accelerated his 2017 Audi A4 to a high speed upon a wet, artificially lit Woolbright Road and entered a left curve with Jennifer Horton in the front passenger seat. While attempting to negotiate the car through the left curve, the driver failed to maintain control of the car due to his speed, inclement weather conditions, and his unfamiliarity with the car. The driver caused the car to depart the road to the right, and the car’s right side impacted a standing concrete pole, resulting in the death of the passenger.

Additionally, post-collision, the driver fled the scene without rendering aid or attempting to contact emergency personnel to treat the passenger. While fleeing, he obtained a telephone to contact his father, never [sic] attempted to contact emergency services, despite knowing the passenger had sustained injuries.”

Gary Grieser was finally charged with leaving the scene of a deadly crash and vehicular homicide through negligence. He was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail and held on $100,000 Bond

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