African Americans Protest Migrant Takeover in Their Chicago Neighborhoods

African Americans in the struggling city of Chicago recently organized a protest against the incoming migrant invasion, saying that such a large influx would “completely wipe out any interest [African-Americans] have.”

The speaker, being cheered on by the crowd, also called out immigration advocates who advance measures to allow non-citizen voting in US elections.

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“[non-citizens voting] would change the mindset of what we as a black community need to thrive.”

The speaker, J. Darnell Jones, concluded his remarks by saying the mass importation of migrants was an effort to “destroy [African-American] neighborhoods” and silence their voices.

Despite the recent backlash against perceived African-American replacement from Democrat governance, radical Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her soon-to-be successor, who have been at worst apathetic toward these policies, experienced high support from Chicago’s black community. Lightfoot, who lost her last election, will be Chicago’s Mayor until May. 15. 2023

The issue of demographic change and its electoral implications has been an increasingly prevalent issue among American conservatives – something which the mainstream media has defamed as “white supremacy.” Meanwhile, even nonwhite groups such as African-Americans are beginning to feel the impact of Joe Biden’s radical pro-illegal migrant and anti-American immigration policies.

Amidst rumors that hundreds of migrants are inbound to the windy city, several other African Americans spoke against the injustice.

“Why would any leader put our Black communities already riddled with crime, at further risk by placing unvetted, non-taxpayers steps away from our seniors, our children, and our homes we’ve worked so hard on our own to secure.” ~ J. Darnell Jones

Mayor Lightfoot justified importing migrants, offering a sentimental statement on how “welcoming” the Windy City is.

Lightfoot did not accompany her remarks with any long-term plan for removing or assimilating the massive influx of people.

“The City of Chicago is in the midst of a national humanitarian crisis, and through a unified effort in accordance with its values as a welcoming city, Chicago is doing everything it can to respond to the urgency of this matter.”

Taking the same approach as New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who created a spiraling migrant crisis, Lightfoot has opted to accept the migrants first and balance the budget later.

“The City has continued to call on federal and state governments to support the new arrival mission with much-needed additional funding and resources for emergency shelter and resettlement, as there are not enough resources currently to meet the need.”

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If the financial situation in Chicago is similar to that in New York, Americans in the city can expect to be laid off and have their social services cut to pay for food and housing for the migrants.

Last week, the same African-American community expressed outrage at a local council meeting, asking how their politicians could radically change their neighborhoods and sense of safety without consulting the residents who live there.

At this same council meeting, one attendee could be heard calling to build a wall and a border.

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