ABC News Hosts Shocked Mass Shoplifting Destroying Retail Chains

ABC’s “Good Morning America” hosts recently discussed the declining health of the American economy, particularly the retail sector, showing shock at the nearly one billion dollars retail giant Target has hemorrhaged from rampant shoplifting.

The massive spike in shoplifting losses comes amidst critical understaffing of police departments nationwide.

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ABC News and the Good Morning America program broadcasted support for the “Defund the Police” movement, adorning their website with sentimental videos of “Defund the Police” protesters – in effect swaying the American people and politicians toward disastrous anti-police policies that have created anti-business environments around the country.

The police understaffing crisis has wreaked havoc on American life since 2021 – which saw a twenty percent increase in police resignations following the anti-police sentiment that surged across the country in 2020.

Target reported a massive 763 million dollars in lost or stolen merchandise last year, with a reported shoplifting increase of more than fifty percent from 2021. Similarly, Home Depot Chief Financial Officer Richard McPhail claimed that the company missed its sales expectations owing to the crime wave, saying, “The country has a retail theft problem.”

Home Depot’s Vice President of Asset Protection Scott Glenn told CNBC that crime is increasing at “double-digit rates.”

“I can tell you that in our world, we know that crime is increasing. We see it every day in our stores.” ~Scott Glenn

Despite ABC News and Good Morning America downplaying the severity of the crisis, industry leaders are coming forward with complaints about the horrific state of business in contemporary America, with shoplifting just being the latest complication in the years-long stagnation of wages and crushing inflation.

“There are several other factors hurting retail too right now: changing shopping habits, more price-sensitive customers because Americans are faced with those higher inflation and prices and they’ve begun cutting back. Earlier this week Home Depot announced that they missed revenue expectations because customers are buying fewer big ticket items and taking on smaller projects.” ~ABC Good Morning America Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis

The Good Morning America host said that the increase was from “organized” retail crime – something she never bothered to distinguish meaningfully from “individual” retail crime. Jarvis then listed several California companies forced to close for financial and safety reasons, including Whole Foods, Office Depot, and Nordstrom.

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The National Retail Federation, an organization that connects a conglomeration of brands in the retail industry, revealed a study showing a nearly four billion dollar increase in sales theft from 2020 to 2021.

The mainstream media downplayed the findings as “qualitative and cannot be fact-checked because it’s gathered from an anonymized set of retailers.”

Despite the cause of the problem supposedly being “organized” retail crime, Jarvis felt the need to offer her viewers a reminder.

“And guys, remember. When these things happen, when that shoplifting happens, it ultimately costs every customer more because the stores account for it in their prices and they pass it off in many ways to the consumer.”

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