‘A horrible look’ Fried flops Emily’s List despite aggressive pro-choice campaign

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried has made a point of drawing a contrast with her primary opponent, former Governor Charlie Crist, on the issue of abortion.

Fried, who is currently trailing Crist in both fundraising and polling, has attacked Crist for pro-life beliefs he held when he was the Republican Governor of Florida. She highlighted his appointment of a pro-life Justice to the State Supreme Court.

In late June, Fried released a video advertisement on Twitter that showed Crist calling himself pro-life and saying that “nothing has changed” when he was asked about his pro-life record as Governor.

With Fried making a point of being the consistently pro-choice candidate, one might think that she would be a shoo-in for Emily’s List endorsement.

Emily’s List is one of the largest pro-abortion groups in the country, with nearly $3 million in contributions this election cycle alone.

Despite Fried’s pro-abortion campaigning, the group has given her the cold shoulder.

So far, Emily’s List has refused to endorse either candidate in the Democratic Gubernatorial primary.

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Progressives in Florida, including Fried’s supporters, expressed their anger and disappointment at the group this week.

“It’s a horrible look, for EMILY’s List, for Ruth’s List, for the movement for women,” said a top Florida Democratic woman who hasn’t endorsed in the race. “This just f—- our messaging. It’s so dumb. No one understands it.”

Crist’s supporters, including prominent Florida legislator Anna Eskamani, D-Orange County, defended the group’s refusal to endorse Fried, saying that her aggressive pro-choice campaign is all talk and no action.

“When I was in Tallahassee fighting for reproductive rights, as an advocate on the ground, never once did I interact with her or see her because she was not in those same spaces,” Eskamani said

Some agree with Eskamani’s assessment, saying that Fried does not deserve the endorsement of pro-abortion groups.

While Fried has courted the support of pro-choice voters and groups, albeit unsuccessfully, some have said that Crist’s more moderate position on abortion will play well in a purple state that is rapidly turning red.

“If you look at the Roe data, it could help in really close races, and given that Charlie’s real position on abortion choice is multiple choice, he’s better [as an opponent for DeSantis] than Nikki, who is solidly pro-choice,” Fabrizio said in a text message, echoing DeSantis advisers.  Said Tony Fabrizio, a Republican pollster in Florida.

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