A desperate Fried attacks DeSantis with outrageous accusations

Nikki Fried’s chances of becoming the next governor of Florida are becoming slimmer by the day.  Representative Charlie Crist, D-Fl, who is running against Fried for the Democratic nomination, has her beat by virtually every metric.

The current RealClearPolitics polling average shows Crist ahead by 19.3%, with Crist beating Fried by 33% in the most recent poll.  Crist also has fundraised more than double what Fried has, coming in at $8.2 million compared to her $3.8 million.

With the walls closing in on Fried, she has resorted to using CNN talking points against her potential Republican opponent, Governor Ron DeSantis.

Yesterday, Fried said that Governor DeSantis has refused to renounce the unrest that happened at the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally because the protesters are ‘his people.’

“Since the incident happened, he really hasn’t talked a lot about it,” Frie said. “In fact, those are his people, and we know that.”

On Tuesday, Fried sent a fundraising email to her supporters accusing DeSantis of attempting to get the support of ‘white supremacist insurrectionists.’  The accusation came after DeSantis refused to increase the Florida Department of Agriculture’s budget to review concealed carry permits.

“It’s no wonder why DeSantis denied us funding — he wants permitless carry in Florida, no matter how many lives are put at risk, and he wants the support of violent, white supremacist insurrectionists when he runs for President in 2024,”

Fried has also called DeSantis a ‘petty dictator’ and analogized him to Adolf Hitler in the past.

Fried continues to assert that DeSantis is running for President.  She and her communications director, Keith Edwards, retweeted a fake e-mail that was promoted by the Lincoln Project that appeared to be from DeSantis, where he said he was running for President.

Fried, currently serving as the Commissioner of Agriculture, is the only statewide elected Democrat in Florida.  If she drops out and Democrats lose in the election for Agriculture Commissioner, all the statewide offices in Florida will be run by Republicans.

It’s no small wonder that Democrats are floundering in the state as DeSantis pushes forward an agenda that is galvanizing conservatives across the country while liberals offer nothing but hysterical personal attacks.

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