7 Florida Reps Have Yet to Vote on Pro-Terrorist Resolution – But It’s Not Too Late

Florida State Rep Angie Nixon, D-Duval, tried to pass an antisemitic Pro-Hamas resolution in the Florida House that ended with most of her fellow representatives shunning her by turning their backs on her during her closing statement that devolved into what amounted to a pile of steaming crap. Only one other state representative voted in favor of what many see as Nixon’s antisemitic rhetoric, and that was Dem squad wannabe Iranian-American Rep Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando. Most don’t know that a few others walked out during the vote, meaning they didn’t have the metaphorical balls to vote their conscience and intentionally didn’t vote. These three representatives were Bruce Hadley Antone, D-Orange County, Christopher Benjamin, D-Miami Dade County, and Dotie Joseph, D-Miami Dade County. Most people don’t know that if a member misses a vote for whatever reason, they can still register their vote within a specific window of time, and we, the people, must pressure them to do so. 

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The good news is that all seven representatives who have yet to vote on this resolution can still do so up until 5:00 PM on November 20, 2023. This is a call to action; the seven who didn’t vote owe it to Floridians to let us know if they stand on the side of good or evil. 

Florida Jolt reported on the Nixon resolution. To recap;

State Representative Angie Nixon, D-Duval, tried to pass House Resolution 31C in Florida House, calling for a cease-fire in Gaza or, as she refers to it, “Palestine,” despite voting with every other state legislator in Florida just months ago in support of Jews. Nixon has posted multiple statements on X, formerly known as Twitter, supporting openly anti-Israel federal lawmakers such as Tlaib, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, and Pressley, among others. Hamas’s sole purpose is to exterminate every Jewish person on the planet, so let’s call this pro-Palestinian support what it is: antisemitism. ~Tracy Caruso

All of these members have voted in favor of bills that protect Jewish people from antisemitic acts this year. Did they do so for virtue-signaling purposes of peer pressure? Now that they have the opportunity to stand on the side of Israel’s right to defend itself against the terrorist group Hamas, will they stay quiet? A non-vote, in this case, is an antisemitic vote for terrorism, and anyone who chooses to remain silent is complicit and must be called out. Neutrality is the enemy and helps no one. 

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A non-vote is a huge statement. In the case of this particular resolution, it brings up a lot of serious questions about these specific representatives. It is important to note that the three representatives mentioned intentionally didn’t vote the day Nixon brought her resolution to the floor. At least Rep Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, let everyone know her thoughts; some representatives were absent that day. That happens, but they do have the opportunity to vote. Some of these reps have since voted against the resolution, but four additional members who were absent that day have yet to vote. All of them are Democrats: Kim Daniels, D-Duval, Dee Hart, D-Hillsborough, Yvonne Hayes Hinson, D-Alachua, and Felicia Simone Robinson, D-Broward. What are they waiting for?

I urge everyone to reach out to these representatives and encourage them to vote against Nixon’s antisemitic resolution and show us all that they’re on the side of every other representative who voted against terrorism that day. They have until November 20 at 5:00 PM to register their vote. Let your voices be heard. 

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