100% Lockstep: New Republican Attack Ad Nails Charlie Crist for Supporting Biden Policies

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) recently released a digital advertisement to attack Charlie Crist by arguing that Biden’s policies are destructive and that Crist would enact similar policies if elected governor in Florida.

The ad is entitled ‘87,000’ about the 87,000 new IRS employees created by the recent ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’

According to the Florida GOP, this ad will be significant and sustained statewide, including  Spanish-language versions in  Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.

The ad accuses Crist of voting with Biden “100% of the time”, including both the creation of  “87,000 new IRS agents to audit the middle class” and Crist’s support for defunding the police. The video includes multiple audio clips of Crist praising Biden, supporting the advertisement’s primary argument.

“Crist would do to Florida what Biden has done to America”

Crist has not been shy about his support for Biden and his policies either. In a CNN interview, Crist called Biden “exceptional” and his work as President “remarkable.”

“Look at what he’s – President Biden – done for our country. He’s been exceptional,” Crist told host Kaitlan Collins. “Look what he’s done for the world… what’s happening in Ukraine, him bringing NATO together, new members to NATO – Finland, Sweden. It’s remarkable.”

Crist has so much appreciation for Biden he even voiced his desire for Biden’s direct support, lauding him as “the best.”

“I can’t wait for him to get down here. I need his help, I want his help and he’s the best I’ve ever met.”

Crist’s supporters are not hiding the ball, either.

One Twitter user even defended the effect of Biden’s policies directly.

Crist made a similar point during his CNN interview, citing falling gas prices and inflation as well. However, Crist neglected to mention that gas and inflation are still historically high and falling from unnaturally high rates that many argue Biden’s policies caused, which Crist supports.

According to the Guardian, Crist has already turned to personal attacks on Governor Ron DeSantis, claiming that DeSantis doesn’t want African Americans to vote. “He’s the most arrogant governor I’ve ever seen in my life. It is shocking, it really is. Enough is enough. He’s a barbaric, wannabe dictator,” Crist said. Not stopping at DeSantis, Crist also attacked DeSantis’ supporters as having hate in their hearts.

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While DeSantis did not respond to the attacks on him personally, he did defend his supporters from the “contemptible” characterization of being hateful. DeSantis said that the election should not be about hating the other side but garnering statewide support, contrasting his approach to Crists.

Aside from pointing out hypocrisy, DeSantis was sure to rebuke Crist’s accusations of hateful supporters directly.

“This is his fifth decade running for office. He’s a typical career politician,” DeSantis told host Tucker Carlson. “People support me because I kept the state open and protected their jobs. Charlie Crist wanted it locked down. So that’s not hate in their heart. They’re just appreciative that they had a governor who was standing up for them.”

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